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The slides and recording from this webinar can be found here

Thank you to Partners for Maternal and Newborn Health in Yemen for presenting an update on efforts to meet the needs of mother and newborn care, safeguarding progress in child survival reduction in all parts of Yemen. As a complex humanitarian setting with unique challenges for governance, service delivery and finance, partners in Yemen presented the current situation for newborns, efforts by partners, including government authorities to meet the needs, overcome challenges and highlight specific technical and financial directions including asks to the global partnership for newborn health.

The ENAP-E team wishes to highlight and emphasize the specific asks from the Team in Yemen, and anticipate reflecting upon these asks in the next ENAP-E meeting (in January) to ensure the response is more coordinated.

Specific Asks (with further details, specifics in the documents provided):

  • Evidence generation to understand barriers and bottlenecks for ENAP implementation – UNICEF is currently conducting a MICS survey.
  • Mobilize resources to scale up PHC and community level MNH services (e.g. increase the number of community midwives and CHWs)
  • Technical Assistance: to better understand reasons for newborn mortality trends during the conflict period; improve quality of care; sustain MSP support and provision of medications, supplies, and equipment to PHCs and hospitals

Other strategic areas discussed:

  • Opportunities to expand (new) iKMC, promote zero separation (or mother and newborn), and critically efforts to strengthen adherence to the marketing of breastmilk substitutes work and IYCF generally
  • Importance of ensuring optimal distribution of health facilities providing functional and comprehensive services to improve geographic access
  • Functioning referral system is critical
  • Community level services as driver of care seeking.