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With maternal and newborn death rates stagnating or reversing in many places, we need every tool available to save lives. This includes incorporating self-care approaches as part of the solution. Join White Ribbon Alliance and the Self-Care Trailblazer Group (SCTG) for a dynamic discussion on how self-care can support and transform the health of women and their newborns. What does the World Health Organization recommend as evidence-based self-care interventions for maternal and newborn health, and how are countries incorporating this into national guidelines? What are examples of effective advocacy at the country level to expand maternal and newborn health self-care practices? Find the answers to these questions and more at this virtual meeting.


  • Özge Tunçalp, Scientist, Department of Sexual and Reproductive Health and Research, World Health Organization
  • Edward Serem, Head of the Division for Reproductive and Maternal Health, Ministry of Health Kenya
  • Asma Badar, Governing Body Member, Forum for Safe Motherhood, Pakistan
  • Sybil Nmezi, Executive Director, Generation Initiative for Women and Youth Network, Nigeria


Elena Ateva, Advocacy and Communications Manager, White Ribbon Alliance

About the organizers

This webinar is convened by the SCTG Country Advocacy Working Group (CAWG)—chaired by White Ribbon Alliance—in collaboration with the SCTG Global Advocacy and Communications Working Group. The Self-Care CAWG is a dynamic forum for sharing effective approaches, promising practices, and lessons learned on policy and advocacy efforts to advance self-care at the country level. Click here to become a member of the SCTG and join the CAWG.