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Join the 3rd webinar of 2024 where the Newborn Toolkit team will discuss the NEST 360, VON and SIP data and dashboards for neonatal quality of care.

This seminar will be translated live into French on Zoom.

There is no link to register; you can join the webinar through the link below. Please save this in your calendar at the appropriate time!


  • Introduction
  • Overview for data for action + dashboard use -Christine Bohne – NEST 360
  • Quality of care on ward dashboards in 4 countries with NEST360 -Nebiyou Hailemariam – NEST 360
  • VON Dashboards for neonatal quality of care -Dr Erika Edwards – VON
  • Perinatal data systems across Latin America -Dr Pablo Duran – Centro Latinoamericano de Perinatología/Salud de la Mujer y Reproductiva (CLAP/SMR) OPS/OMS
  • Discussion
  • Closing remarks