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Ethiopia, where universal coverage has been given priority to address health issues in the country, has achieved significant gains in the area of health. Despite these gains, however, the quality of health care is still a concern, leading the country to identify quality and equity as one of its four priority agendas for the health sector transformation plan.

Built on the plan, the National Health Care Quality Strategy was developed and launched in 2016. The strategy aims at transforming the quality of health care in the country, emphasing experience sharing across facilities and institutions and quality improvement activities. To guide these activities and make efficient use of limited resources, there is an ongoing effort to identify effective interventions.

This healthcare quality bulletin provides information about such interventions and their potentail for adaptation and scale up. The publication includes major initiatives under the Health Service Quality Directorate, quality improvement projects and selected studies. The aim of the bulletin is to further develop collective knowledge and understanding of quality improvement in healthcare in Ethiopia.